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Magic Sprite x Perfect Model
Whelped Date: 15 Apr 2014
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When it came time to mate Perfect Model, that superbly bred daughter of champion sireSurf Lorian and the Group 1 placegetter By Request, we looked around for a bright young sire who suit her pedigree.
There are few brighter young sires about than Magic Sprite, the son of Brett Lee-Glamorous who has been setting the world alight with his early deeds at stud. He’s getting , Group winners, track record breakers, fast city top grade winners and plenty of winners all over the country.
He’s on the rise and rising rapidly.
Perfect Model was a city winner on the track and a litter sister to the great Next Top Model the Group 1 Sandown Cup winner and a track record breaker as well. Their sister Physical is already the dam of top grade Wentworth Park performer Mexico City (by Brett Lee’s son Where’s Pedro). So it was natural we would go looking for a son of Brett Lee to mate Perfect Model to.
You see, Surf Lorian’s dam Barrio Fiesta is bred along identical lines to Brett Lee. Both are by a son of Brother Fox and out of a daughter of New Tears. So here was an instant link for Magic Sprite and Perfect Model.

But what we also picked up is a 5x5 cross of the famous litter brothers Curryhills Fox and Curryhill Brute. This is the famous Skipping Chick female family and it is one that does exceptionally well when it is reinforced.

The mating was a natural

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Magic Sprite x Rumble Duchess
Whelped Date: 13 Mar 2014
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The former smart WA race bitch Rumble Duchess has already been a proven producer with her litter to Bombastic Shiraz resulting in a number of quality gallopers.
The daughter of Where’s Pedro-Rumble Ciarrai is a blue blood. She is from one of the strongest damlines Irish greyhound racing has produced. It is the family of the great race bitch Tina Marina one of the few bitches in recent times to win the Group 1 Irish Derby. Tina Marina is also a litter sister to the great galloper and huge sire influence Spiral Nikita.
So when it came time to look for a mate for Rumble Duchess, we decided it was time we tried intense in-breeding, we came up with Magic Sprite. The mating instantly brings in a 2x3 cross of Brett Lee along the sireline on both sides of the mating. Zulu Zeus (a son of Where’s Pedro) is the fastest male ever around Wentworth Park and he has Brett Lee 2x3 in his pedigree.
What really turned us on about this mating is the fact Magic Sprite carriesSpiral Nikita as his damsire and thus powerfully positioned to impact any matings Magic Sprite does. With Rumble Duchess also having Spiral Nikita’s half sister Minnies Luck in her damline to bring in a 3x4 link, we thought it a natural.
We could not forget that Irish champion Milldean Panther is in-bred 3x2 to Spiral Nikita and his sister Minnies Surprise.
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Bitch Price: $4,000.00
Surf Lorian x Kitty Kahn
Whelped Date: 04 Mar 2014
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WHEN we at Jackson Kennels spot a successful cross that pertains to the pedigrees of our own wonderful broodbitches, we are always drawn to recreate that success. Which is why we plan to mate our very smart, and suprebly bred bitch Kitty Kahn (Collision-Daydream) to the great sire Surf Lorian.
It's proven, proven, proven.
Kitty Kahn was a very smart race bitch of the track winning in a flying 29.85 around The Gardens, 29.76 at Dapto and 30.30 around Wentworth Park. But she was only living up to her own wonderful bloodlines. She is from a fabulous litter that includes Dark Assassin (Dapto Maiden Classic) and the multiple Wentworth Park winners Tricky Business, Kobi Jay, Pepper Kahn, Mr Beau and Brock The Rock.

Their dam Daydream (Bit Chili-Stresa) was one of the best race bitches of her era winning the Group 1 National Futurity and was a finalist in four other Group races. Her litter sister Bit Stressed was also a top grade Wentworth Park performer.

Putting Kitty Kahn to Surf Lorian brings in many, many successful crosses. The first is Surf Lorian-Stresa. That's right, Kitty Kahn's grand dam Stresa was mated to Surf Lorian and produced the sensational galloper Vanderlin. He was a flying winner around Albion Park and at one time his 30.27 winning run was the fourth fastest ever around Ipswich.
Vanderlin was so fast he "demanded" a stud career. Stresa also was mated to Surf Lorian's son Slater and it produced the Group finalist Stress Rate.
Kitty Kahn, being by champion sire Collision, also brings in another succesful "nick". Collision and Surf Lorian have already come together to produce a number of Group winning offspring. Dual Derby winner Bogie King is by Collision from a daughter of Surf Lorian.

The mating of Surf Lorian-Kitty Kahn also brings in a duplication of the great West Cape. Many of the best progeny of Surf Lorian carry this double, including championBlue Lorian, as well as Group winners Seek And Destroy and Velocity Regina.

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Magic Sprite x Rumble Amour
Whelped Date: 12 Feb 2014
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While we at Jackson Kennels are always on the lookout for successful nicks and crosses when breeding our broodbitch band, we also like to try aspects of matings that just might provide us with "something special". When it came time to mate Rumble Amour (Spiral Nikita-Rumble Spirit) for her latest litter, we decided on just that ... a mating that just might provide us with "something special". Not that we don't endeavour to do that all the time. It's just we reckoned time was right for a "special" mating for Rumble Amour. And the obvious mate is Magic Sprite. Yes, we are fully aware Magic Sprite is the current glamour stud dog. His son Black Magic Opal is a champion. There are many, many of his other progeny who are VERY good as well. But by putting Rumble Amour to Magic Sprite, we bring in a 3x2 cross of Spiral Nikita in one of the most powerful positions possible in a mating. Spiral Nikita, you see, is also the damsire of Magic Sprite. The reason we have decided to try this? Because of legend broodbitch Elsie Moss one of the world's greatest broodbitches. If you look at the pedigree of Elsie Moss you will see she is in-bred 3x2 to the immortal Chief Havoc ... and it will be in exactly the same position we have putSpiral Nikita in the mating of Magic Sprite to Rumble Amour. But we also have duplicated Brother Fox 4x4 and at the top and bottom of the resultant pedigree. Magic Sprite is a son of legend Brett Lee. Rumble Amour has Malawi's Prince in her damline. Brett Lee's second dam Wee Sal is bred along almost identical lines to Malawi's Prince. Remember. Rumble Amour is out of Rumble Spirit which makes her a half sister to champion sire Collision. She is also a half sister to Collide (by Brett Lee). Putting Rumble Amour to a son of Brett Lee will recreate the mating that produced Group 1 <

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Kinloch Brae x Mantra Style
Whelped Date: 09 Jan 2014
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Mantra Style, as a hugely in-bred bitch, has always been “ripe” for an outcross mating.Mantra Style was a city distance winner on the track and a litter sister to the group winner Natalie Rass. She is also a half sister to champion Mantra Lad.

Mantra Style’s pedigree shows intense in-breeding to Malawi’s Prince via sons, and she is also in-bred 3x2 to the great half sisters Miss Cruise and Prize Dancer. This is the famous lines of Marty Hallinan one of Australia’s great greyhound breeders.

In a bid to allow the intense in-breeding in Mantra Style’s own pedigree to shine through to her offspring, we have decided to outcross her via the champion US sprinter and now great Irish stud success Kinloch Brae.

Kinloch Brae won the Derby Lane Sprint Classic on the rack and then became an instant hit when he went to stud in Ireland where one of his first pups to race was Razldazl George winner of the 2011 Irish Derby.  Kinloch Brae continues to dominant to stud scene in Ireland.

Fortunately for us at Jackson Racing Kennels, we have been able to tap into his success by acquiring frozen semen to Kinloch Brae for Mantra Style.

While the mating might appear a complete outcross, it is far from that. Greys Julianna, the second dam of Kinloch Brae, is a heavily in-bred to two sons of legend Aussie broodbitch Elsie Miss. Mantra Style herself has a number of Elsie Moss crosses in her pedigree. She also has three crosses of Brother Fox in her pedigree. Brother Fox’s dam Pitstock Park in line-bred 4x3 to Elise Moss via another of her two great sons.

Kinloch Brae-Mantra Style…we expect them to be something else. 
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Bitch Price:  $4,000.00
Collision x Ikkina
Whelped Date: 10 Jan 2014
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In the ever changing world of greyhound racing, Jackson Kennels constantly keep an eye out for successful nicks and crosses. That is why we decided to mate the royally bred Ikkina (Premier Fantasy- Leprechaun Gem) to champion sire collision. Ikkina, you see, is out of the Meadows and Cannington winner Leprechaun Gem a litter sister to champion Betty’s Angel and the Group 1 winner Leprechaun Pace and Group 1 place getter Miss Mini Mouse.

All three of those bitches have been great producers. Leprechaun Pace, in a matin to Irish star Spiral Nikita, produced champion Oaks Road (Group 1 Perth Cup and NSW Greyhound of the year), and his outstanding brother Things Missing.

Also in that litter was the unraced Mystic Pace. In a mating to Collision, Mystic Pace has already produced an outstanding litter that is now just starting to race, but already running super times. So it was natural that we at Jackson Kennels would follow suit by mating Ikkina to Collision. Ikkina’s dam is by Brett Lee and this has been a hugely successful cross with Brett Lee. The Group 1 National Sprint winner Smooth Fancy is bred on this cross. As you can see, the Collision- Ikkina mating has LOTS going for it.
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Magic Sprite x Another Request
Whelped Date: 17 Oct 2013
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When it came time to mate the former high class race bitch Another Request, we looked around at the prospective sires for her… and kept coming back to Magic Sprite.

Another Request is the litter sister to champion High Earner, but she was a top class race bitch herself and one who stretched her speed to a middle distance. She won city races in two states and could run time…very fast time. 


Magic Sprite has started his stud career off with a bang. He has become the current boom young sire after his first crop started winning group races and running scorching times wherever they went. He puts in great chase into his pups.

A mating to Magic Sprite with Another Request allows some important crosses to be developed in he resultant off spring. The first, and most important, is the face the litter brothers Curryhills fox and Curryhill Bruteare brough in 5x5. They certainly positioned to impact even though they may be back in the pedigree.

Next we have the factBrett Lee (sire of Magic Sprite) has already done exceptionally well with Another Requests damline. The former sub 30 second Albian Park winner New Guess is by Brett Lee from the Roxy Reason family. And we also will bring in a "nick" between Brett Lee and Collision (sire of Another Request) that is working exceptionally well. Shinning Chariot is also linked with his sister centrefire 5x5 and this is one the great crosses found in Australian greyhound racing.
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Whelped Date: 15 Jul 2013
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Posted 15 July 2013
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Whelped Date: 15 Jul 2013
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Like the rest of the world, we couldn't help but be impressed when we saw Milldean Panther burst onto the racing scene in Ireland.  Milldean Panther is a son of College Causeway
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Whelped Date: 31 Jan 2013
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'Brett Lee was one of the world's fastest Group sprinters'
'Still holds Angle Park Track Record of 28.88'
'Brett Lee is arguably the best racedog every to grace Australian tracks. He had 39 starts for an incredible
31 wins and five seconds and won $405,106.00 in prizemoney.
4 Brett Lee straws have been used by Jackson Kennels and 2 sold produced so far:
Mantra Style - 8 pups
Another Request - 7 pups
Rumble Amour - 7 pups
Rebel Siyan - 10 pups
Daydream - 11 pups
Power of Love - 8 pups
All straws have a transfer of ownership dated 1 December 2007
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